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11 December 2018
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TRE for tension stress and trauma relief

tension stress and trauma release the way your body is designed to do it

What is TRE and how does it bring relief from tension, stress and trauma?

We are biased towards movement and growth. Hair and fingernails grow, wounds heal, broken bones mend. Over time, our habits and interests change; we outgrow old patterns, learn new skills, make new friends. Movement, change, growth, these are all as natural to us as breathing.  Which is why constriction and stagnation feel so uncomfortable, whether it’s a frozen shoulder or a stuck emotional state, we don’t like it. Our default setting is one of dynamic flow & self-regulation.

Did you know your body has its own built-in self-regulation response – in the form of neurogenic movement?  This is movement, often in the form of shaking or tremoring which arises from the central nervous system. It is the body’s reset mechanism. It doesn’t matter whether the system has become over-stimulated by physical injury, emotional trauma or chronic tension and stress or is in a flat, depressed state, your body knows how to restore balance and flow. TRE is a simple method that even children can learn that activates this naturally occurring response.

You don’t have to consciously know what the problem is or what caused it for your body to release and restore balance. This is very good news for people who have experienced trauma and are triggered if they speak about it.


There are so many ways TRE can benefit you:

Increase physical energy

Improve mental focus

Exercise recovery

Improve mental and physical resilience

relief from chronic muscular tension and pain

Maybe you’re curious to know more about what is TRE and the ways it can improve things in your life for tension stress and trauma release. Or perhaps you’d like to call or email me.