Improve Self Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence and Self-Esteem

When we feel confident about ourselves, we focus on our strengths and achieve our goals, we have satisfying relationships and can experience peace and hope, even when life circumstances are challenging.

Our self-perception and self-esteem can be shaped by a number of factors, including the messages we received when we were children or events in our adult lives.

Those experiences can determine the way we respond to situations and circumstances in the present and once a pattern of thinking has been established, it can be difficult to shift.

Hypnotherapy can’t change what has happened in your life, but it can help you  change the way you see yourself and how you respond to circumstances, which may in turn improve self confidence.

By supporting you to release those old, out-dated feelings, you can create new ways of thinking and feeling and change unwanted, unhelpful behaviours.

Improve your Performance

Your mind is a field of amazing possibilities and with hypnotherapy you can access that potential, changing critical thoughts and self-doubt into something constructive and supportive. When you tap into this aspect of yourself, you can improve emotional, intellectual and physical responses and experience greater confidence, creativity and ease in relating to others and performing at your best.

Do you want to achieve higher results in your studies, perform more ably in sport, make a speech or just do better generally, in your life?

A hypnotherapy approach can help in all of these areas. When you are in a hypnotic state you can rehearse the actions that you will be performing and for the subconscious mind this is the same as actually doing them. Studies have shown that people who mentally rehearsed an action such as learning a piece of music performed just as well as those who physically practised on the piano.

This is possible because when you are deeply focused on an intention for some future outcome, if you make the inner thought more real than the outer environment, your brain won’t know the difference. With practice the new behavior, choice or experience that you want becomes hard wired into your brain and your brain will begin to physically change, installing new neurological circuitry. Thanks to the neuroplasticity of your brain, the circuits in your brain begin to reorganize themselves to reflect what you’re mentally rehearsing and as your mind and body begin working together, you enter a new state of being. There is plenty of evidence to show that mental rehearsal is extremely effective for learning or improving skills. This article from Psychology Today provides an overview of our brain’s capacity to learn by mental rehearsal.

So your sessions with a hypnotist are an opportunity to practise and develop the required skill in a relaxed and supportive environment before you have to deliver in real life. And the more you live your winning performance beforehand, the more likely you are to deliver your best.

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