Setting boundaries to allow vulnerability, Connect Hypnosis
Setting boundaries to allow vulnerability
30 May 2017
TRE and Hypnotherapy for Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, Connect Hypnosis
TRE and Hypnotherapy for Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
9 August 2017
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Hypnosis and Sustainable Weight Loss – How it Works

Hypnosis and Sustainable Weight Loss – How it Works, Connect Hypnosis

Hypnosis for weight loss isn’t a magic pill but it does address many of the underlying issues that sabotage our best intentions to eat well, exercise and lose weight.

Hypnosis is effective, when so often will power has failed us, because it works on the level of feelings, patterns, and unconscious motivations. It’s much better when we feel we want to eat healthily rather than just think we should. Used well, hypnosis will help you naturally feel like making the right choices. This doesn’t mean that you will never have to make decisions, but it does mean you’ll be able to make them so much more easily.

Here are just some of the ways hypnosis can help you to be your natural size and shape and more importantly, to stay that way.

By using your unconscious mind you can maximize your motivation to eat healthily and to move more

You can strongly imagine “to feel” what it’s like when you discard the unwanted layers of fat and reveal your natural, healthy size and shape, your “real body”, your unconscious mind

Suggesting that the focus isn’t only, or even mainly, on losing weight but rather on moving more and making good food choices

Distinguishing between “fake food”, all those processed carbs, sugars and chemically altered stuff, and “real food”, the kind of food our ancestors would recognize

Using disassociation by talking about the body having its own “needs” and the unconscious mind working with the body “regardless of the habits of the conscious mind” to eat healthily

Hypnotic metaphors to make the changes real for you

Using disassociation to enable you to see yourself in the future looking slimmer, eating well, and moving in the right ways

‘Age progression’ is another hypnotic technique that can take you into the future where you’ve become slimmer and you can “remember” exactly how that happened

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